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We pride ourselves in providing the freshest ingredients in our Nutritionally Supported Fast. Therefore our menu items change regularly, depending on what is seasonally available. But rest assured that we will always provide the most delicious, macronutrient balanced meals to ensure that you enjoy every mouthful!

Each day you will receive two delicious plant-based meals and a snack:. During Winter the meals will include some warm meals and other salads that can be heated if needed. Some people really feel the cold when fasting, so this will ensure you've got something yummy and warm to look forward to.

Day One:

Broccoli & sweet potato salad with avocado dressing

Moroccan spiced pumpkin & chickpea salad

Day  Two:

Winter beetroot slaw with orange and thyme


Health Food Evolution Pumpkin Soup

Day Three:

Quinoa coleslaw

Roasted pumpkin & walnut soup

Day Four:

Gada gado with cashew & lime satay sauce

African sweet potato curry

Day Five:

Creamy cauliflower soup

Italian inspired Shepherd's pie with mashed potato

Health Food Evolution
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