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Nutritionally Supported Fast

Health Food Evolution Moorish Crunch Salad
Change your ways in just five days

Attain the health benefits of fasting while enjoying macronutrient balanced, calorie counted, plant-based meals 

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Lose weight

Reduce inflammation

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Activate stem cells

Curb cravings

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Sleep more soundly

Think more clearly

Scientists have been studying the benefits of fasting since the early 90’s, and there is now extensive evidence demonstrating incredible health benefits. But the reality is, not eating for five days doesn't sound so appealing to most of us! But what the research has found is that we can trick the body into mimicking the fasting state with a macronutrient balanced, calorie counted diet. Health Food Evolution’s Nutritionally Supported Fast is exactly this, an eating plan specifically designed to trick your body into thinking it is in a fasting state, all while you are enjoying, delicious, plant-based meals and snacks! 

How the Nutritionally Supported Fast works 

The macro nutrient combination of this program is balanced so that your body does not recognise the food as it is passing through the digestive tract. Therefore, the body thinks that it is fasting. Fasting activates an ability within the body that lies dormant when a regular food supply is available. This is called ‘Autophagy’, a process that allows the body to repair cellular damage and utilise cellular debris. Fasting allows the body to rejuvenate naturally.  

If adhered to correctly you can expect to see and feel the following: 

  • Your body will shift into a state called ketosis. This is where fat is burned preferentially as fuel instead of carbohydrates. You may therefore experience some weight loss, particularly fat loss, while lean mass is protected. 

  • Your blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure and hormone levels should remain at a healthy level or start to return to healthy levels.  

  • You may be able to focus better, feel more energised and sleep more soundly. 

  • Internal gut inflammation will begin to reduce, allowing allergies symptoms to ease. 

  • Old or damaged cells will be removed, and stem cells become activated which helps build new healthy cells and cellular components. 

Each day you will receive two meals and a protein ball. Each meal and protein ball are macronutrient balanced and calorie counted. Day one you will be eating a total of 1,090 calories. The macronutrient combination is slightly different to the rest of the week to help you ease into the fasting state. The remaining four days are 725 calories a day. It isn't many calories, but it is a surprising amount of food.  

This is also a low protein diet, with protein less than 10% of energy. ​

The Nutritionally Supported Fast is five days long to ensure you achieve the most beneficial outcomes.  

  • On day one the meals are a slightly different macronutrient combination to the rest of the week and slightly higher in calories. This is to help the body transition into the fasting state with minimal discomfort. 

  • On day two your body begins to burn fat for fuel. It also starts to breakdown cells, or parts of cells that are not performing optimally. 

  • On day three your body should be operating in ketosis, burning fat stores for fuel and continuing the cellular clean out. Your hormones are also starting to return to healthy levels. 

  • On day four your stem cells are priming to begin the regeneration of new cells and cellular components. 

  • On day five your body is rejuvenating from within! 



  • The program is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. It is purely to help your body to rest and reset.  

  • You must be in reasonably good health. 

  • You must not be on doctors prescribed medication unless our nutritionist speaks with your doctor. 

Fasting is also a test your will power. This journey is as much

about self-control as it is about rebalancing your body.


Headaches are a sign on the body detoxing from caffeine, sugar and other toxins. Spinach and dark leafy green vegetables can help alleviate headaches, so we have included as much spinach as possible in the first meals. If you do suffer from a headache during the fasting period, try to avoid medication. Stay hydrated and balance your electrolytes with Cream of TarTar. It is difficult to dissolve so add about half a teaspoon to a mouthful of water, swish around and drink immediately. Follow with a large glass of water. If after half an hour the headache persist, take Asprin or paracetamol, not ibruprofen. 


It is VERY unlikely that you would feel light headed but if you do and it continues, eat a breakfast bar or protein ball. Do not operate heavy equipment or even drive if you are feeling light headed. 

Each ingredient for every meal is individually weighed, and in most cases, cooked individually, to ensure you are getting the correct macronutrient balance. 


The menu is planned seasonally. If there is anything you do not eat we will omit an entire days meals and replace them with a repeat of another day. 

​Once you have finished the program it is best to maintain a low protein, pescatarian (fish and vegetarian) diet for at least two more days, but the longer the better. We have suitable meals that you can order if you want to ease out of fasting gently. Please note that these meals will be frozen.

Additional breakfast/snacks are available for $5 each, however I have not had any circumstances where someone has needed extra; even those who workout daily during the fast.

4 or 5 Day complete Nutritionally Supported Fast Fasting from Tuesday to Friday for the 4 day fast, or Tuesday to Saturday for the 5 day fast (including Friday/Saturday night), so make sure your schedule is clear to ensure you can commit without regret.

Some of these meals may be frozen to ensure freshness and ease of transport (soups). Meals are prepared fresh on Monday and pick up is in Sassafras on Monday at 4pm. We may be able to deliver and a small fee may apply depending on the address.

Who am I . . .

I am a Food and Nutritional Scientist with a Masters in Public Health. I have worked at Deakin University under one of Australia's leading obesity researchers at the time, Professor Boyd Swinburne. This is some of the latest research being presented and the evidence to back this research is extremely thorough and very strong. I have been researching the Mediterranean diet for almost 25 years and I only recommend programs that I have tried myself, which I have, and every time I do it I feel amazing!


Finally, if you have any questions then please contact us or call Helen on 0413 200 330 during business hours.


Helen La Fontaine

Bachelor of Applied Science - Food Science & Nutrition,

Master of Public Health (MPH)

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