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Helen is a research scientist that has turned her hand to discovering more natural and holistic ways of healing. After working as a nutritionist for many years she learned that most people with an eating 'dis-order' are actually using food to conceal past trauma. Helen found that by shifting the focus from food to treating the underlying issues, she was much more successful at helping her clients change their eating behaviours.


In 2016 Health Food Evolution was founded as she looked more closely at the aging process and the roll of food and fasting in longevity. After many years of research Helen  developed a five day Nutritionally Supported Fast program, consisting of macro-nutrient balanced meals that enable the body to mimicking the fasting state.

Over the last 15 years Helen has been on a journey of self-discovery, delving into the healing power of plants. Coupled with her extensive scientific knowledge of nutrient interactions, and her holistic approach to treatment, she will introduce you a new way of living. One that is more in tune with your internal and external environments.

Raised in a farming family, Helen's grandfather taught her to grow her own produce, and her love of cooking was encouraged by her family who were heavily involved in the Country Women's Association. 

Currently living in Sassafras, Helen has a large and flourishing edible garden and has turned, what was an overgrown mess of vines and weeds, into a nourishing haven for her and her family.

Specialising in:

Holistic Nutrition Counselling

Nutritionally Supported Fasting

Healthy Event Catering

Mediterranean diet
Healthy meal preparation

Food allergies & intolerance 

Elimination diets

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