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Fast 800 Recipes

Sticking to 800 calories per day is hard enough, let alone trying to create delicious meals and snacks that equal EXACTLY 800 calories! We have created a collection of calorie counted meals and snacks that allow you to simply calculate your daily energy intake. We've seriously done all the hard work for you. Choose from 100-200 calorie snacks, and 200-400 calorie meals. 

100 Calorie
Snacks & Sides
200 Calorie
100 calorie
300 Calorie
Salads & Meals

Remember to take it easy on yourself when measuring ingredients. Most fresh ingredients will vary in calories, so don't get too caught up on hitting exactly 800 calories. A few calories more or less is to be expected, particularly with ingredients like minced meat, where fat to muscle ratio can vary. Fresh fruit and vegetables with a high water content will also vary in calories.


We have used a nutrition panel calculator and therefore the nutrients and calories are calculated to the best of our ability at the time.

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